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Is Everything Negotiable?

At my negotiation training workshops, someone inevitably asks the question, "Is everything negotiable?" The quick answer to this question is NO, but the question introduces a deeper discussion that has merit. While people can engage in negotiation over different...

The Myth of the Absent-Minded Professional

We’ve all heard the story of the absent-minded professor who always leaves her keys hanging in her office door or the absent-minded boss who constantly forgets about meetings with direct reports. The problem with these stories is that they are myths. These two...

How to Become the Boss

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret that leads to major workplace conflicts. The skill set necessary for becoming the boss usually has little to do with the skill set necessary for being the boss. People often get promoted for being the top performer in their position, for having technical prowess, or for having job longevity. Technical skills and social skills are two different things, and great managers seek out ways to improve their social skills even if their organization doesn't offer this sort of training and development.



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